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PREFACE: I'm re-reading Sloppy Firsts right now because I haven't since 2008 and since I need to re-adjust myself with the characters, this picspam isn't complete or final but I just wanted to get an entry to picspammy in for once. *shrugs*

The ones that are included are probably my firm choices, but other characters like 2/3 of the Clueless Crew, the Darling parents, etc are still pending in my mind. (But I do have some wacky ideas- Chelsea Handler as Mrs. Darling? David Henrie playing the role of black Pepe? Obviously he would be made white and not play Pepe in blackface... Yeah I know, what the fuck is wrong with me)

So with bated breath, these are what I have.

Talulah Riley = Jessica Darling
I'm not expecting much agreement with this one, but Talulah is almost exactly how I picture Jess. She's blonde now but I'm think she's a natural brunette, so really her hair color shouldn't be an issue (even though I picture Jessica as more of a dirty blonde type, not sure why). And yeah, she's obviously gorgeous and Jessica describes herself as otherwise, but I think with some downplayed makeup, she could pass for average-looking. Another issue is that Jessica is 16 in the first book, and Talulah is 25. But this is all in my head and in my head she is awesome. So suck it.

Josh Hutcherson = Scotty Glazer
I'm not sure why, but I immediately put Josh in the role when I read Scotty's introduction. He has that cute-hot thing going for him that Scotty supposedly has, and I think he also looks like he could play the part of a sports head. Hopefully I'll get some like minds about this? Oh right, I forgot that nobody will like this post.

Chanel Iman = Hyacinth Wallace
I don't have much justification for this one other than Hy looks like Chanel in my imagination. That's probably the only real justification for any of my choices, but I digress.

Scott Herman = Paul Parlipiano
Yes, I know he was on The Real World and no, I'm not sure if he could act. But he's hot and that's that.

Pixie Lott = Bridget Milhokovich
Apparently Pixie (a British popstar for those of you who aren't familiar) wants to start an acting career so her playing Bridget isn't totally unrealistic. They both have the generic-vacant pretty thing that Jessica describes.

Anna Kendrick = Hope Weaver
IDK why the hell not. That seems to be my mantra for this fail of a picspam.

and finally, to put this thing out of its misery:

Eddie Redmayne = Marcus Flutie
I don't care if you don't agree with any of my picks. YOU CAN'T TAKE THIS ONE AWAY FROM ME.

If I haul my ass fast enough I'm going to try casting the rest of the roles. Shweet.
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