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Skins Generation 2 Genderswap w00t!!

Apparently this is what somebody does when they're still up at 2 AM and procrastinating on schoolwork.

Some notes on my genderswap casting:
- Names and actors are changed, but character personalities and such still remain intact (for example: boy!Emily and boy!Naomi would hook up, girl!Cook and girl!Freddie would still be homoerotictastic, etc.)
- Some of them are a stretch so bear with me.
- Somebody needs to write boy!Emily/boy!Naomi slash for me. Preferably porny :) (and if you want to throw some Freddie/Cook into the mix, be my fucking guest)

The Name: I wanted to find a name that was "kooky" (much like Pandora's) and after some snooping around on, this one came up
and I made my decision. I wish I knew somebody named Darko in real life, though. :'(
The Actor: Aiden is pretty and I was being superficial. But also, I feel like he kind of has a similar vibe looks-wise to Lisa, so that's how I settled on this one. He's technically not an actor,
but whatever. He also looks like somebody who would be named Darko.

The Name: As with most of the names, I was looking for genderswapped versions of them, hence Emily being Emile. Kit was much more of a challenge, though, because I couldn't
really figure out what a male version of Katie would be. So once again, I hit up BehindTheName and that's how I got Kit.
The Actor: In all honestly, I couldn't really think of any twin actors who would be somewhat age appropriate for the roles and that's why I cast Luke and Elliot, but I think they fit the bill nicely. And funnily enough, Elliott
is actually dating Kaya Scodelario in real life, so I thought it was kind of funny to include him in a genderswapped Gen 2. Another amusing note: Elliott played a gay character in a short called Protect Me From What I Want, but Luke would be playing the gay one here. Hmm.

The Name: Thomas is a French name that has an -ace sound at the end. Alice is also a French name that has an -ace sound at the end. I'm not going for high concept here, people.
The Actor: Similarly to Emile and Kit, choices were limited. I wanted to cast a younger girl with African roots (good luck finding that in a mainstream actress), and after much consideration, I finally thought of Gamu. Like Aiden, she's not an actor either (and actually, they were both competitors during the most recent series of The X Factor), but looks-wise I think she's pretty close to Merv.

The Name: Pretty self-explanatory. A nerdy sounding name that is similar enough to the original and would also produce JJ as a shorthand nickname.
The Actor: I always got the impression that JJ was supposed to be the "baby" of the group (I'm not sure if he actually was, though), so I wanted to cast a younger girl for his female counterpart. Enter Georgie Henley! She's not that young in the context of this show (she turns 16 this year, and Kaya was only 14 when she started) but also, I feel like she could portray the quirky-socially-struggling side as well. (and my god, couldn't she play a younger version of Anna Friel? pretty strong resemblance there.)

The Name: Naomi Campbell to Tyson Beckford. 0% percent effort on this one.
The Actor: I'm pretty smugly proud of myself for this one. Doesn't Jeremy look almost exactly like Lily? Eyes, nose, mouth, yikes. That's all I really have to say about this one.
*it has come to my attention that he is not actually British, but whatever. I'll either make him use a fake British accent or just make his character American. So there.

The Name: Pretty easy translation. The "Cook" nickname would still suffice for Jamie, because a girl called Cook is really cool idea. Hah.
The Actor: This one came purely from me being a Misfits fan and always finding Lauren's portrayal of Kelly to be somewhat Cook-tastic. Or maybe it's just the accent. You decide.

The Name: I changed two letters. $ucce$$.
The Actor: This one was pretty difficult. I wanted to cast a stunningly gorgeous guy to play Effy's male counterpart, and Aaron beat out Alex Pettyfer and Colton Haynes when it came time for the final decision. (Aaron beat Alex because he doesn't really look like Kaya, and Colton because he's American and didn't fit with me trying to cast all-British). I think Aaron as Eddy would be pretty interesting.

The Name: Freda sounds close enough to Freddie, idk.
The Actor: I know what you're thinking, and I acknowledge that I didn't even attempt to try for this one, but hear me out. I was always a huge fan of Luke and Klariza being cast as siblings, just because they look so much alike, so I decided that I would swap her in for Freda. I do wish there were more of Karen in Gen 2 :'(

Thoughts opinions etc, I wants them.
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