mandonna ( tankmachine) wrote,

tried all the tricks, check out my list


[ ] Become a polygamist and marry both John Krasinski & Adam Pally.

[ ] Hold the graphic design department at gunpoint and force them to accept me into the major.

[ ] Somehow obtain a bit of Joe Manganiello's DNA and stick it into a polyjuice potion that I wil then drink.

[ ] Kill all the Little Monsters in the world.

[ ] Stop being a square and start getting trashed/wasted every single weekend/day/hour like everybody else here seems to.

[ ] Stop procrastinating on every goddamn thing.

[ ] Become sexually desirable to EVERY last person on the world. I secretly crave that kind of power. (See item #2)

[ ] Regret making this entry because I usually hate emo woe-is-me-everybody-hates-me shit, I could just check my Tumblr dashboard for that.

[ ] Realize that it's been way too long since I've updated this and that probably nobody remembers who I am... oops.
Tags: emo loser listening to paramore, i hate people
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